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Check out meh art!

2011-02-01 19:20:11 by RMaster827

Look at em' and rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone Post on this message!

2011-01-30 13:49:08 by RMaster827

Just write whatever

Blackness.... art #3

2011-01-27 20:55:57 by RMaster827

Please do try to keep off the mean comments on my art, for I am a mere rookie in Newgrounds art... but have actual artistic skill in all canvases but Microsoft paint. D=


2011-01-27 20:19:00 by RMaster827

Crazily friggin bored

Myh first submission

2011-01-12 20:41:57 by RMaster827

About the art I just submitted, No Idea... ummm plz don't criticize. I wanted to post something. And yes it is last minute on Microsof paint on my laptop. Abstract, isn't it?

I need an animator. Maybe my brother...

I don't make flash.

2011-01-12 15:30:27 by RMaster827

I suck at animating on the computer, so no i will not be doing any flash.

Guess what?

2010-07-09 11:39:25 by RMaster827

It says on the post screen that you should keep your fans updated. But guess what? I have no fans!!! Holy crap, does everybody have to have fans?! Cheez...

Guess what?